Friday, September 27, 2013

The Mysterious Lady

Source anonymous by request.
(*Names used are not the real individuals names)

It was the mid to late 70's when Terry's family moved into the huge farm house just outside of Wilmington, Ohio. It was a huge imposing structure consisting of 14 rooms in all. Terry and his younger brother Shawn roamed about the empty rooms exploring the place as teenage boys are inclined to do. Living here was going to be great. The house was quite old, and the landlord had told the family that in older days that slaves had been quartered in the upper level of the house.

Soon the family had settled in, and life soon fell into the routine of a normal household. Terry and his bother were given two of the six huge upstairs bedrooms. Terry's parents and older sister Mary having already laid claim to the two downstairs bedrooms. Terry's was a huge room with a high vaulted ceiling. The room could almost house the entire family.
The strange thing was that the place always seemed cold, and Terry's father credited this to the high ceiling where he claimed all the heat collect near the top. So lots of blankets on the bed were the only solution to the chilling conditions during the late fall and winter.

It was late one evening in 1978 when Terry finally went upstairs to go to bed. Walking softly past his brothers room so as not to wake him he quickly got undressed, and climbed under the protective warmth of his blankets. Turning off the light Terry settled down for a good night's sleep. Quickly Terry began to drift off to sleep, but the sixteen year came fully awake when he heard the springs of the bed creak near the foot of the bed. This was then accompanied by the obvious sensation of weight being applied to his right leg. Peeking out from under his blankets, Terry was horrified to see the apparition of a woman with long dark hair dressed in a white gown glaring at him as she crouched at the foot of his bed. She was slowly scratching at her ghastly white face with the long red nails of her hand while staring right at him. Terrified the boy jerked his head back under the covers, and silently prayed that his ghostly visitor would depart. Horrifying images of the ghastly spectre climbing into bed on top of him filled his mind. For what seemed like a eternity the the pressure remained steady on his leg. Then to his relief the the weight lifted off of him once again accompanied by the creaking of the bed springs. Gathering his courage Terry looked out from under the blankets once again, and saw his frightening visitor gliding away from his bed. She passed through the open door and into one of the unoccupied bedrooms on the opposite side of the hall. Terry needless to say spent the rest of the night in a fruitless effort to sleep. Thinking that the rest of his family would think him nuts he kept the incident to himself.

Years later Terry found out that his younger brother had also seen the terrifying apparition patrolling the upstairs hallway several times in the middle of the night. But never had the creature ever entered his room, or ever tried to climb into his bed. Terry also found out that his mother would often hear footstep on the second floor when she was home alone. The woman was always too scared to ever try and go up the steps to see who was there. For nine years Terry's family lived in the home with there unseen hostess enduring her nocturnal walks. Finally with kids growing up the family moved to different housing.

Terry still lives in the area, and on occasion has to drive past the old house. The old house still gives him the shivers to this very day.

The house is located a few miles outside of Wilmington, Ohio. Out of courtesy to the present occupants the source of this tale has requested that the exact location remain anonymous.

This post, including photos and commentary, originally appeared on James A. Sheets' site.

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