Monday, June 7, 2021

Flying High Again

Something I've always wanted to do, since I was a child, is to become a pilot. My wife bought be an incredible package to start me on that journey, and so far I have 2.5 hrs and three landings in a C172, and .8hr and one landing in a CTLS Light-sport. I much prefer the C172 ;) I've also taken a complete ground school and earned my endorsement to take the FAA written exam. I'll probably take an FAA medical exam soon, and will continue to practice for the FAA written, until I'm a little more confident. I mean, I'm sure I can pass it, but higher scores might make a difference on the oral exam before the checkride ;) It may be a small start, but it is enough for me to get the bug for flying ;) Since my flights so far have been "discovery" flights, I still need to decide on a flight school. I prefer the one where I have the time in the Cessna, but it is so far away compared to the other. I still need to check out the one in Fairfield County, and the one at Bolton Field... Looking for the same connection with the instructor as the one I've been using at Middletown...

Friday, June 4, 2021

BBS Projects

Wow! It's been way too long since my last post, but here are updates on a couple of recent projects: I have obtained an 8-port Digiboard, and plan on installing it into either one of my Tandy 1000SXs, or, if there are too many memory contraints, a Compaq 386 that I aquired awhile back, and setting up an 8-line DLX BBS on it. I don't expect a simple 8-line chat board to get much use these days, but, I really want to try it ;) I'll be using a Raspberry Pi 4 and tcpser, along with 8 USB serial ports, as multiple WiFi modems. I also received my CoCo SDC for my Tandy CoCo 2, and plan on FINALLY finishing a project I started in 2008 to get CoBBS going. The big difference now is I will be using a CoCo 2 instead of a CoCo 3, which is what it was originally written for, and I have many more options for a modem emulator. I am most likely to use an esp32 set up as a WiFi modem. Finally, I have a WWiV board running under Linux, but "languishing" is probably a better term. I would much rather run an old 4.22 board than a current 5.x board, and have been considering figuring out how to get the current networking package working with the old BBS package. Once I do that, I'm considering also setting up a VBBS 6.x board, and I prefer that over 7 or VA. I also have an Apple2e and a C64 sitting idle. I might set up BBS packages on them as well. Time is at a bit of a premium, though, as I am doing some pilot ground school and training to become a private pilot.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Vaccine round one

I got round one of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine yeserday morning, and aside from some soreness and tenderness at the injection site, which started a couple of hours after the shot, there haven't been any side effects. From what I hear, it's the second round that usually has the side effects, so I'll update in a few weeks after I've had it...

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Farewell, LastPass!

I have been using the free tier of Lastpass for some time now, but in their infinite wisdom, they have decided to restrict the free tier to a single type of device. This means I can either use it in a browser on my desktop, or on my Android phone, but not both. Ability to easily sync across devices and browsers is what gave LastPass a leg up, and what made me settle on it in the first place. It looks like Bitwarden is the new winner of that contest. Installed it in Chrome and on my phone, and working well so far.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Back to Blogger

Due to some backend database issues on my server which seem to keep recurring, I have moved the site back to Blogger for now. A lot of posts haven't been imported because of the change, and the address is currently The feed is still provided by feedburner, so that remains unchanged. I also have a bashblog at, but I'm more likely to post here, since it is still part of my own domain.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

New site

I've been working on move over to a self-hosted site using MediaWiki. The only issues I've having are that there's no easy way to move this content over there, and it's self-hosted off of my home Internet connection so it may experience downtime whenever I experience an outage. But it's about ready to go, so I thought I'd post a note here. I'll point the Feedburner RSS feeds to the new site in a week or so...

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Tandy on the Internet

I did it! I got my Tandy 1000SX on the internet! This is an XT-class machine with 640K RAM and the CPU replaced with an NEC V20. The only thing not era-specific is the modern XT-IDE controller with 2 gig CF card in it. I found an old Intel Etherexpress 8/16 on eBay for a lot cheaper than the 3com 8-bit NICs with twisted pair, and it's still easy to find the dos drivers. I started with mTCP and the packet driver from e16disk. After I got that going, I grabbed the later doslynx, which was just as simple to get working. Only thing that sucks is the https support is missing, and, with the push to https everywhere, this really breaks web browsing from doslynx.