Friday, February 24, 2006


I ordered an item from someone's Amazon store, and they promptly shipped it via US Mail, providing me with a tracking number. It took two days to get halfway across the country into Ohio, and has been hung up for a week within the same state. So, I did what anyone would do, and used the email form on the USPS website to inquire why the package was shown as leaving Cincinnati last Friday evening, but hasn't been scanned anywhere since. Their response? They updated the status of the package. It now shows as having left Cincinnati last Friday, and a second time yesterday. What did they do, put it on a truck to the wrong location, which simply sent it back without scanning it? So I wrote again, this time specifically asking for a reply (because they did not reply to my first email other than the strange status update on their website) to explain how it has left the same place twice, and where in the world it is and when I can expect to receive it. I'd go to my local post office and inquire instead of using email, but it is staffed by a bunch of asses. Complaining to them would probably result in "accidental" damage to the package.

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