Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More on WWIV under Linux

Every time I turn around, one bug or another is biting me in my Linux WWIV setup, so I think I've decided to use my knowledge of how to get DOS doors running to run the DOS version of WWIV from back in the day, so it'll be at least fairly stable while I work out some bugs. Since the Linux version is file-compatible, I'll be able to move back to it pretty seamlessly at some point. Since I decided to run the DOS version, I thought I'd check to see availability of the source of the old versions, since it was commercial software. I went to via telnet (that's the official WSS BBS) and, since I registered back in the day, Trader Jack gave me access to those file areas, so it will be a modded board fairly quickly ;) I'm attempting to do virtual networking between dosemu and Linux as well, but keep managing to drop my network interface while I'm connected from remote ;) I'll sort that out later, though, since it's a minor convenience thing ;)

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