Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Private LG15Chat discussion

Add comments to this post if a private conversation is required. Let me know if you can't comment here ( for those who don't have it already). I also thought this might be a good way to keep everything in one place.

Here are the links from WebSeriesToday thus far:

And some handy tools:


  1. I will attempt to test its google-invisibility with a Frank-inspired haiku that I like to call, “Kaye, where did I put my pistol?”

    Cassie is quite dead.
    And yet she lives in my head.
    Seeks peace with the lead.

  2. Nice! lol... So, after today's new ones, here are all the decoded clues:

    There will always be a day, when the world will end..W@

    There is never a time when @e Bree was alone, yes, Jon@

    Nicely done on @the solving, there is more!

    Lets not worry about the PAST right now. Lets worry ab@

    Lets Worry about the @end.

    Your Clues are @we @the and that should be the @end. F@

  3. OK, so, the PM made a mistake, and I now know that it's TJ Marsh. Way to shill us the answer ;) Should I game-jack? Or let this play out?

  4. Intersting to Note, but sadly it is not me :)

  5. im just intrigued at whats going on. So sue me for wanting to be intersted. i just guessed really.