Monday, August 25, 2014

Distro upgrades

I have a machine at home running Linux Mint 16 (Petra) that I decided to do an upgrade to 17 (Qiana), and what is it about Ubuntu and its derivatives that make doing an upgrade so difficult?! I've had Ubuntu itself break during upgrades before, and decided to quit using Ubuntu partially as a result. But I've had pretty good luck with Mint in the past, and, well, not so much any more. The networking is completely broken now. Not just wireless, but wired as well. ifconfig shows no network adapters other than loopback.

To be fair, I haven't had much of a chance to investigate to see if it's something incredibly simple, but if stuff like this keeps happening, I'm going back to a monolithic kernel and building everything from source ;)


  1. Hey, Winter! Okay, so…I don't know if this is related to any of this (I'm completely hopeless vis-à-vis technology), but I've noticed (starting a few days ago) that lgpedia—which I use regularly these days—is running slower than slow. It's now taking SEVERAL MINUTES to load pages that used to take a few seconds. It just now took about 6 minutes to open the Main Page! However, this current blog page (on which I am commenting) came up just fine! Any ideas as to what has broken lgpedia?

  2. The lgpedia issue is completely unrelated. It's hosted elsewhere... I'm not sure what's going on with it. Wish Miles would get the original back up ;) but, in the meantime, bear with me... I'll move it to my home server, since it can't get THAT much traffic ;) May take a few days before I have time to move it over, and a couple of more for DNS updates to propagate.

  3. Thanks for the speedy response! That's strange, isn't it, that lgpedia would slow down that way? All the time during Stillalive09 when I used it, it was working just fine. And I see that I looked up some things on August 6, and it was running just fine then too. When I tried it last week (6 or 7 days ago), however, and it was incredibly slow, I assumed it was probably just a temporary issue with servers—or whatever. But today I see that the problem persists.

    P.S. Most of the lgpedia traffic probably comes from ME first, and everyone else combined second. haha!

    P.P.S. Okay, I've discovered through experimentation that once I've brought up lgpedia (s-l-o-w), then typed something into its search, it takes 2:30 for lgpedia to load the text of that page, then an additional 1:16 to load the rest (pictures)! 3:46 total. So…maybe 50+ times longer than normal? lol

  4. This is strange. I cannot re-create the issue. The main page loads within seconds for me (text and images) and so do search results. I'm talking maybe 3 seconds, max, for a page with lots of images.

    If I make it on SL this weekend maybe we can troubleshoot in real time? If not, email me (either address) with what OS you're using, and I'll send you some diagnostics to run to try to track this down. Need a traceroute to the server while the issue is happening. Maybe there's a saturated link you're going through that I'm not...