Tuesday, December 2, 2014


When I do the upcoming blog redesign, the content will temporarily go away as well, as I plan on re-organize some of it into separate blogs with new URL's (for instance, Abuse of Authority and Ghosts of Ohio). LGPedia will also be unavailable during this time as well.

My game plan is as follows:

  • Back up the current LGpedia database and file structure.

  • Back up the current blog database.

  • Export the blog posts.

  • Note the installed Wordpress plugins.

  • Back up the installed Wordpress themes.

  • Save any custom php code.

  • Wipe the entire site.

  • Remove LGpedia's DNS entries and sub-folder.

  • Install Wordpress and enable multi-site.

  • Set up LGpedia in Wordpress multi-site.

  • Restore LGpedia database.

  • Upload LGpedia files.

  • Install WPMW (or similar).

  • Re-upload Wordpress themes.

  • Set up additional blogs.

  • Import specific content to additional blogs.

  • Import the remainder to main blog.

  • Restore any custom php code.

  • Set up previous plugins.

  • Add social-networking plugins.

  • Open up multi-site for user-created blogs.

Some notes regarding LGpedia:

  • I am planning on setting up a "blog" for for any news specific to LGpedia.

  • I am removing the DNS entry for it, as the wildcard DNS required by Wordpress multi-site will handle it.

  • Editing will be enabled, and controlled via Wordpress login.

It will probably be a couple of weeks before I pull the trigger, and can hopefully accomplish everything in one night.


  1. > Editing will be enabled, and controlled via WordPress login.

    Hmmm. Okay, so…this means that LGpedia will be editable by fans, as in days of old, yes?

    My only concern is about troublesome trolls trying to sabotage things. Let’s say that modelmotion gets drunk one night, and replaces all of the text in the cassieiswatching entry with the lyrics to “I'm a Little Teapot?” But I guess someone (presumably YOU) can always revert it back to the previous entry…right?

  2. Yes. And yes. The wiki software keeps a history of edits, so any changes can easily be reverted back :) And I'm hoping to control this somewhat by controlling logins via Wordpress. Of course, if someone gets drunk after their account allows them to make edits, that history might come in quite handy ;)