Friday, November 25, 2016

Nearing completion

I am nearing completion on the blog design. As previously mentioned, I started with the style I was using with phpBB2 and converted it to a WordPress theme, with the intention of integrating look and feel, as well as users and sessions, between the two. Then I discovered bbPress would do everything I needed, without having to integrate two different pieces of software. The theme for the forums isn't quite complete, and I was unable to import the few topics that were already there, so the forums aren't linked until I get the theme complete. I also intend to install a wiki plugin, as I feel that some content works better on a blog, some on a forum, and some as part of a wiki. I've also installed BuddyPress, which adds social networking elements to the site. I'll be expanding the social networking aspects of the site as well.

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