Monday, December 12, 2016


I have been quietly running a telnetable BBS for some time over at for awhile now, without really advertising it anywhere. I'm barely active in any of the networks I've joined so far, and it's just not as fun as it used to be. Part of this is because I miss the local flavor of running a dial-up BBS back in the day, and part is that I really miss modding the hell out of my BBS to make it completely unique. And while there's something to be said for how far WWiV has come in the 5.xx series, I'm really considering going back to 4.24a. First thing will probably be to mod in fossil support from 4.30, and then add it most of the FMD mods. If I'm running the BBS based on nostalgia, I might as well take that nostalgia up a notch and do it right ;) Also, I have TWC's digital home phone service, which is a VoIP service, and some have had at least marginal success in running dial-up over VoIP, so I may attempt to offer a dial-up node on top of the telnet nodes.

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