Friday, June 4, 2021

BBS Projects

Wow! It's been way too long since my last post, but here are updates on a couple of recent projects: I have obtained an 8-port Digiboard, and plan on installing it into either one of my Tandy 1000SXs, or, if there are too many memory contraints, a Compaq 386 that I aquired awhile back, and setting up an 8-line DLX BBS on it. I don't expect a simple 8-line chat board to get much use these days, but, I really want to try it ;) I'll be using a Raspberry Pi 4 and tcpser, along with 8 USB serial ports, as multiple WiFi modems. I also received my CoCo SDC for my Tandy CoCo 2, and plan on FINALLY finishing a project I started in 2008 to get CoBBS going. The big difference now is I will be using a CoCo 2 instead of a CoCo 3, which is what it was originally written for, and I have many more options for a modem emulator. I am most likely to use an esp32 set up as a WiFi modem. Finally, I have a WWiV board running under Linux, but "languishing" is probably a better term. I would much rather run an old 4.22 board than a current 5.x board, and have been considering figuring out how to get the current networking package working with the old BBS package. Once I do that, I'm considering also setting up a VBBS 6.x board, and I prefer that over 7 or VA. I also have an Apple2e and a C64 sitting idle. I might set up BBS packages on them as well. Time is at a bit of a premium, though, as I am doing some pilot ground school and training to become a private pilot.

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