Friday, June 9, 2006

Guests wanted

Are you considering starting a blog, but aren't sure? Maybe a guest post on someone else's blog would help you decide?

Do you already have a blog? Want to drive a little extra traffic your way? Maybe a guest post on someone else's blog with a link back to your own blog would help?

Would you like a post featured here for any other reason?

This is the final announcement that I had planned for this week - a little contest.

I am looking for people who would like to submit a guest post for consideration on this blog. This post can be about just about anything, so long as it's fairly family-friendly. By that I mean no excessive profanity. Basically, nothing that will get me banned from any affiliate programs.

The prize for this contest is to have your entry posted to my blog. If you currently have a blog, I will add you to my blogroll as well.

To submit an entry, email me (the link is found at the bottom of my sidebar). Include your name (as you want it to appear on the entry), your blog's URL and title (if you want included in my blogroll), and why you'd like an entry on my site. The subject of your email should be Blog contest:, followed by what you'd like to title the entry should it be chosen.

Some ideas for your entry are to include an introduction to yourself and include a link to your own blog. Be creative with your reason for wanting to be the winning entry. I won't post the reason (well, I might aggregate the most creative ones into an entry of it's own) but it will help decide the overall winner. Pick a subject loved by geeks everywhere. This isn't required, but it might help.

Judging will be based on both your reason and the entry itself. If I get a ton of submissions I might enlist the help of others to weed out the best submissions, but the final decision on the winner is mine. All submissions must be original, because that I ask that you give me 30-day exclusivity if your entry is picked. No contract, just a gentleman's agreement. All submissions should be received by June 28. The winning entry will be posted on or around July 2. If all goes well, I'll make this a monthly event, so any entries after the 28th will be considered for the following month.

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