Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tandy CoCo

Over the coming weekend, I hope to get my computer room, which has increasingly become a storage room, cleaned up and organized. Once it's cleaned up, I'm going to reward myself by taking my Tandy CoCo3 out of the closet and get it running after way too many years in storage.

Of all the vintage 8-bit computers, Tandy's Color Computer line was my favorite. I've owned several, of which I can currently only locate two. One of them is a CoCo2 in unknown state, and the other is a functioning CoCo3. Also in my collection are two grey-case CoCo1's (one functioning, the other not), one CoCo3 which was in the middle of some hardware modifications (err... dead until I can figure out what I did to break it...), and about half a dozen CoCo2's in various states of repair. Unfortunately, that portion of my collection is missing - perhaps victim of overzealous cleaning the last time this room got this disorganized.

When I get everything set up, I'll post some pictures, as I promised Security Monkey I would :)

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