Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Scambait (again)

I received this email yesterday:

Dear Mr.(Mr?!)Betsy May,
I recieved your mail yesterday.I had all what you
said,i sent an email to Mrs Abacha,so she sent some
pictures to me yesterday to send to you.Her
pictures,her family picture and her late husband
i will be waiting to hear from you as soon as

Barrister Ali baba.

Before I could respond to this email, I receive another email:

Dear Betsy May

Thanks for your mail and your effort to assist me and
my family In this regards.

Moreover, My family attorney have informed me of your
request concerning my identity and I've forwarded my
pictures to him two days ago for your perusal.

More so, I want you to confirm the receipt of this
pictures in order for me to be rest assured, that you
have them already.

However, I am nocing some fear's, although I am just
working with faith and destiny, these as regards of
what I have passed through before now, the trauma is
still lingering In my memories. But I have built trust
In you again because of the assurance and hope you
have given to me assist me conclude this transaction.
I believe our coming together to do this business is
the divine connection of Almighty Allah and as such
you will not betray the trust and confidence I have
built on you, bare In mind that this is the only hope
for me and my family. I pray that the almight Allah
will surely bless us together. Please cooperate with
our family attorney, I assure you that your family and
my family will celebtrate and dine with wine and
cognac at the successful complition of this business
when we meet face to face.

Thanks once again and Allah blesses you.

Mrs. Mariam Abacha.
I will post my replies as soon as I make them.

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