Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Since I did not receive exactly what I wanted as a reply, I thought I'd send "Ali" another response:

Dear Ali,

I am ready to send you the information you requested, but my friend Mike Oxmal says that I should not trust anyone who is not in my church. He says that I should give you two choices to prove that I can trust you. First, you can join our church. Alternatively, you can send me a picture to give to Mike. In it, you should be holding a sign which says "Hey! Mike Oxmal!" Once received, I will trust you and we can proceed with our business.

Betsy May
And to respond to Mariam:

Dear Mrs. Abacha,

I apologize for the delay, but as I explained to your family attorney, I was attacked by a stray cat and require rabies treatment. This causes me to be away for a few days at a time. Also, he must not have explained what I requested. My friends, Mike Oxmal and Les Bien, say that I should not trust anyone who is not in our church. They say that I should ask you to either convert to our religion, or ask that you get a picture taken of you holding up a sign with "Les Bien" on it so I can show it to Les. Once I receive it, I will send your attorney the information he requested.

Betsy May
We anxiously await their replies. }:-)

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