Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Scambait - Let the fun begin

I checked my Yahoo account today, and this was sitting in my INBOX. Notice the family attorney also uses Yahoo email. My response is below:


Thank you very much for your response to my mail,
However I can understand your readiness to assit me
and my entire family in this business transaction. I
will want you to understand the present state in
family, we have passed through serious ordeal after
the death of my husband,the present government are
doing their best to render me and my entire family
financially handicap, my eldest son was released from
detention just recently, asking to know where my late
husband kept his fortunes, where as some family close
associates and relatives diverted some funds belonging
to my family and I in pretends to assisting me. With
all that I prayed and cried to Allah that has never
failed me to give me a reliable foreigner that will
asist me in this last fortunes and I beleive Almighty
Allah gave me you, except for the fact that you want
me to beleive that you are not honest and trusthworthy
as I have taken you to be in my spirit.
All I need from you is work in confidence with my
family attorney and get this consignment containing
the total sum out, as the final beneficiary with all
necessary documents obtain by my family attorney on
your behalf and deposit the funds in your bank account
and make arrangement on how to come over in other for
you to make a safe place of aboard for my family and
I, as we can no longer stay in this country because it
is quite frustrating.

All that I want you to do is to contact my family
attorney immediately.You let him understand that you
are my family close foreign partner that will help me
claim this funds and get it to your bank account in
your country.

Have the information of my family attorney:
Name: Ali baba aku.

Dear Fried, Almighty Allah has chosen you
and I beleive in you as my spirit accepts you to
assist my family as a reliable and honest foreigner
that will stand as the final beneficiary to the
consignment in the Diplomatic Courier Service office
in Amsterdam-Holland.

My major interest in you is the investment programme I
will want to invest with you together in your
country.My family attorney will draw a mutual
agreement binding you and I for the investment proper,
and a large percentage of the total fund will go into
that programme, though my agreed percentage for you

Please Fried, since the Almighty Allah has
chosen you to render this assistance to my family,
please don't fail us as all my hope is in this
deposited funds that nobody in my country knows about
except my eldest son, family attorney .
I rely so much in my confidence in you.
Thank you and may the Almighty Allah bless and prosper
you for your kind help to my family.

Mrs Mariam Abacha.

So, let the fun begin. I'll reply to both the sending address, and the "lawyer's" address. This is a message we received at our billing address as an excuse for not having received payment. I've made up a fake name to go along with it, but here goes:

Dear Ali,

I have been contacted by Mrs Mariam Abacha about her current situation. I would love to help her, and I am not is such a great situation myself. You see, I had a really "freak" accident at about the time I was paying bills earlier this month. This really happened to me and I am just now coming around to where I am trying to catch up on the past bills.

I was attacked by a stray cat. He had been hanging around the farm here, I had given him food and milk, he had tried on several occasions to enter our home. At first, I thought he was lonely and wanted a family environment. He was well-groomed and looked like Charlie Chaplin in the face, toothbrush moustache and all. Everyone thought he was so cute. Well -- the illegal entries in the house met with attacks on my own cats, both of whom are quite old and declawed. This fellow was big, muscular & had all the claws he needed to kick butt. I had saved my own cats several times from this meanie. One time he got in again and was literally killing my old male cat. I got my cat to run down the basement stairs while I slammed the door on the other cat. Well, the other cat got caught across his midsection and didn't like that one bit. So when I tried to get him out of the house -- which I had done umpteen times before -- the cat went berserk! He latched onto my right forearm with his front claws and tried to disembowel me with his hind legs. When I wouldn't -- couldn't! -- let go, he gave me an Antichrist look, rolled back his eyes and opened his mouth wide, like a snake, and bit me for all it was worth. I don't remember how I got him off of me and disconnected, but the next thing I knew, he was outside. Of course, blood everywhere and then a trip to the ER. For the next 2 weeks, you would have thought I had some alien disease. Any time you have a wound from an animal bite, watch out. The follow-ups seem worse than the actual attack! Now I am waiting to see if I have rabies or not, but I doubt it. Obviously, this cat was so mean that its owners drove up to the neighbor's farm and threw it out the front window of their car. The neighbor actually saw this happen. Apparently sweet, funny little Charlie Chaplin actually was a Little Hitler instead! I got the worst of it. The cat disappeared after the incident and left me waiting and wounded.

So, you see, I can really sympathize with Mrs Abacha. However, without details of what needs done, I do not know how I can help, but I thank Jesus that she has contected me.

Betsy May

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