Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Productivity tip

I was surfing around a few weeks ago and discovered a productivity tip that I thought I'd try. Unfortunately, I've lost the source blog, so I can't credit where I found it. But it works great so I thought I'd share my modifications to it.

The tip itself it to simple drag your taskbar to the left side of your desktop and turn auto-hide on. By itself, this tip will drive you absolutely nuts. So what I did on my office machine was change my "theme" to classic Windows instead of Windows XP because the Start button is smaller. From there, I drug the taskbar to the left side of my desktop. However, I did not turn auto-hide on just yet. I spent a week or two getting used to the new location of the Start button (in the upper left) and taskbar. Once I was used to it being there instead of along the bottom, I turned auto-hide on. It works great, and gives me more desktop space. The only thing I miss is having an always-visible clock, but I could get a third-party utility for that :)

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