Saturday, August 12, 2006

What happened to the week?!?!

I'd like to apologize to everyone. Last time I looked at the calender, it was Monday. Now it's Saturday. Wow. I didn't mean to go all week without posting any updates, but time just got away from me and I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything here. On a positive note, I've finally been getting into a pretty good ryhtm over on Linux Security and Minimum Linux. I was also planning on submitting a segment for Security Monkey's podcast, but time got away from me and I missed his deadline. Maybe I'll prepare something anyhow so that I have it ready for next time.

Oh, since I've already mentioned my blogs over on Linux World Net, I thought I'd mention a couple of more things. First, Naked Linux, a Kubuntu blog, still needs a writer. Also, Ohio LinuxFest 2006 will be held on Saturday, September 30, and I plan on covering it for Linux News as well as my other blogs. If any readers (from any of the blogs) has plans to attend, let me know! It'd be great to meet some of you.

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