Thursday, August 3, 2006

Usage Statistics for July 2006

Up until a few months ago, I used to post interesting information that I've seen in my log files on pretty much a monthly basis. Even though it's a couple of days late, I thought it might be kinda nice to formally make that a monthly feature. So, here's a quick rundown of from July 2006:

Outside of US .com and .net domains, Israel was the number one country represented in my logs for July. France surrenders (they were second. Go read Fark if you don't get it). Overall, thirty different domains are represented. Some other interesting tidbits:

My Arpanet visitor is back. I'm curious as to who is surfing the web from an old Arpanet address.

My .mil visitor is back as well. Yes, I bitch about Bush and the "war on terror." But if you're not fighting for my right to bitch, then you're in the wrong profession.

Hello NSA spooks! I know AT&T could just route my packets to you guys, so I appreciate that one of you took the time to visit my site legitimately ;) (No, I don't really know who visited, or from what branch. Just that it originated from a .gov address.)

I also had a visit or two from Saudi Arabia this month. Could it be one of my .mil friends visiting from off-base?

Other visits, aside from .net, .org, and .edu users, originated from the Netherlands, China, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, Canada (one of my fellow Linux World Net bloggers?), Austria, Germany, the UK, Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Spain, Seychelles, Turkey, Belgium (can I get an award for the most gratuitous use of the word 'Belgium' in a blog post? UK DNA fans won't get it, but US ones should), and Brazil.

Hello to everyone from around the world who took the time to visit in July. I see ya lurking there ;)

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