Friday, March 30, 2018

Star Trek: Discovery

I've been watching the Star Trek: Discovery recently, and, as someone who's watched every episode of every incarnation of Star Trek, re-watching all previous entries within the past couple of years, I can say without a doubt that it's quite enjoyable. It's not without it's issues though, but, as the saying goes, the worst Trek is better than most other shows ;)

Even to a casual fan, it's obvious that canon is cannon fodder for this particular entry. I've not just talking about how difficult it is to tell which timeline/universe this series takes place in, I'm taking about obvious quirks like using holodecks and replicators before they existed in any previous universe/timeline. Also, while I have no problem with the new appearance they gave the Klingons, I feel like they did it just to mess with die-hard fans.

Speaking of timelines/universes, I lost track of things pretty much when DS9 started going to that well a bit too often. And this series has already started down that road. I hope they don't stray from whatever their main timeline/universe is too often, even if it's one that's not previously established, because it gets tedious, repetitive, and, dare I say, boring. And nothing is worse that boring Trek, because that leads to series cancellation. And, again, the worst Trek is better than most other shows.

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