Thursday, March 23, 2006


After a long quarter at school of not really trying, I finally got my grades. 4.0 for the term, 3.970 accumulative. That's what happens when they're intro courses (but required) on a subject that you've been making a living at for over a decade. That little piece of paper will look really good on the resume, though.

Unfortunately, spring break has been way too short. Classes start back up on Monday, and while the course load is roughly the same, none of the classes are online. This means I've gotta spend two additional evenings a week in class. All the classes are again computer-related, so it will not interfere with anything else in my life.

What I really can't wait for is summer, because I'll only have work and home to deal with, not school. This will leave me time to hopefully take care of a few of the projects that I've got on the back burner (some for awhile now). I also have to get ready to renew my CCNA, which expires in September.

All that said, I plan to continue blogging as regularly as I can. I absolutely love writing, and I have too many good ideas to let fall by the wayside. Look for all of my plans to come to fruition over the summer :)

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