Friday, March 31, 2006

Day 3

Third day of classes was boring! It was the same classes that I had on Monday, but I submitted my homework electronically for Programming & Design II so that I could skip the open lab. However, Network Concepts II just about put me to sleep. I don't know why Dr. Zhang puts me to sleep every time he teaches. He has a very good grasp of English, and one of my best friends is Chinese (OK. Indonesian. But of Chinese heritage) so the accent isn't even something I notice. I don't even think it's his teaching style. I think that, because it's still a fairly intro-level course, I am just plain bored with it. I've already covered the material through the Cisco Academy program. Plus I've been doing networking from the time two of my friends brought and I crammed all of our PCs into my tiny bedroom and hooked 'em up to play a little Doom when it first came out. I've actually been doing networking in one form or other even longer than that, but you get the idea. It's old hat to me. When we get into the hands-on stuff, it might not be quite as bad. It's still mostly stuff I've been doing for years, but it looks like we'll be doing a couple of group projects, so I'll at least get to interact with my classmates.

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