Tuesday, March 7, 2006

More from the Clie

I have been entirely too busy between work and school to worry about the blog much lately. I've also been trying to find some decent blogging software for PalmOS5. In the future, I hope to do the majority of my blogging from my Sony Clie.

At work I have been busy with a fairly large programing project, the biggest project I've worked on. Granted, the project is in PHP, so it was easy for the number of files to quickly grow out of control. But the project went into production on Friday without any problems, so I'm pretty happy.

At school, the quarter is winding down. This means a bunch of larger assignments are coming due. It also means getting ready for finals! Ugh! But after they are done, Sring Break! Until then, don't expect much blogging from me.

(This entry was completely entered from my Clie using Graffiti mode for input.)

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