Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finding the niche

Ask any "expert" on blogging, especially professionally, and they will always tell you the same thing: find your niche. Darren Rowes has said it many times over at Problogger, and I've seen it repeated many times in many other places. This is something I have struggled to find, as my interests are pretty varied, even if most of them are pretty geeky.

When I first got my Clie, I thought about turning completely to mobile blogging. While I may create a post or two from the Clie itself (or even all posts. Where I post from is irrelevent), I think I have found my niche: the Clie itself.

Sure, while there are several blogs on mobile computing in general, or even Palm/Palm OS more specifically, I do not think I've seen one covering only the Clie. There may be some out there that I haven't stumbled upon yet, and they may be touched on in more general blogs, but after the trouble I've had with audio and multimedia, the idea hit. I'm sure I've got several posts in me about the Palm programs that I find useful on the Clie, so I am going to move more towards Clie-related content.

I'm not sure how exclusive I should be to that subject though. Should I create a new blog for the Clie only? Should I just stop posting non-Clie stuff altogether? Should I build a network of blogs, one of which (this one) is general content, while the others help fill a niche?

If I go the network of blogs route, most individual blogs will probably start their lives here until they are generating enough content on their own to warrant their own blog. For example, I have been meaning to set my BBS back up, at least telnetable (and possibly dialup via VoIP). I'm sure this will inspire a ton of BBS-related content on the blog, which may grow enough to warrant a blog of it's own.

So, what does everyone else think? Going the network route definitely provides the greatest earnings potential, as there are several niches that I can fill via separate blogs. But my posting output will have to increase in both quality and quantity in order to fulfill that potential. As much as I enjoy writing, that's not a bad thing :)

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