Thursday, June 7, 2007


So far, this week has been full of disruptions from my routine. For some reason, I have felt exhausted. Last night, I may have solved part of this problem when I discovered that the humidity setting on my CPAP machine inadvertently was set at the lowest setting. When this happened is anyone's guess. Mine is that it happened right before I started feeling this way.

Also related to the CPAP machine: I thought the aerophasia was getting better and nearly a thing of the past. Boy, was I wrong?! I've woken up every morning this week feeling like I shouldn't move for about an hour. If I don't adjust soon, I should probably consider adjusting my running schedule instead.

Finally, this week is finals week at school. Even though I took a light load, two computer classes, I really didn't attend class regularly because of my familiarity with the subject. This means that I don't know the expectations of the instructor of those classes, so I have to actually study for the exams.

With all of the above going on, I've taken to running every other morning this week. While I'm a bit disappointed by it, and with only doing the 10-minute runs that I started with last week, I've stuck with it and run what little I can. In the past, I would have called this week a bust and pushed everything off until next week (making it easier to push it of until the next week, and then the next, and so on...) So maybe this week has been progress after all.

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