Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tracking runs with FavoriteRun

I've recently discovered a website called FavoriteRun which allows you to enter routes that you run and also enter activity. I've been using it for about a week now, and it's certainly a convenient way to log all of your runs. Here are the features of the site I've used so far:

Creating a new route

It's pretty straight-forward to create a new route. You'll enter a name for the route, which is the only required field, followed by the city, state, and country that the route is in. There's also a field for you to enter a description of the route into. Following that is a field for the type of route. Your choices are running, cycling, walking, other, hiking, and triathlon. You can also set the route to private or upload pictures.

Finally, there's a map, centered on the location you enter as your starting point when you sign up. You simply click on the map to create a waypoint. Create a second waypoint to create a leg. Be sure to create waypoints at bends in the road if the route is along one, otherwise the leg will be a straight line between your waypoints. If this the route is a loop, just keep entering waypoints along the way until you're back at the start. If you want to run a route that takes you to a location then back along the same path, once you're at the end waypoint, you can click on "Route Back to Start" to do so for you. And if you create a waypoint in error, you can click it to remove it. Once you are satisfied with the route, click on "Save."

Log an Activity

It's also pretty straightforward to log an activity. First, you chose the type of activity from a list of the same types available for creating a route. Then, enter a duration. It's a required field, but you can leave it at all zeros if you'd like. The next required field is the distance, or you can optionally choose a route from a dropdown to fill it in automatically. You can also enter a description, the date and time, and whether to set the activity as public or not.


The final option I've used, though there are many more options available with a free account, is option to view my logs. This shows all the activities that I've entered in a nice report, including my pace for each activity if I didn't leave the duration as all zeros when I entered it.


Overall, not a bad site for keeping track of your running (or other activity). There are lots of other features that I haven't checked out yet, and even more if you upgrade your account to a premium membership. You can upgrade your account for $2.49 per month or $11.95 per year, which includes a bunch of features that look useful. Even with the free account, it sure beats logging everything on paper.

(Update: Please note that this is *NOT* a sponsored post.)


  1. I've been using RunningAhead.com or fetcheveryone.com. RA's got a smooth and easy to use googlemap based router planner. Fetch has the community. Both are totally free.

    Both log non-running activities as cross training. Both have graphs coming out of their ears.

  2. Awesome. I'll have to check those out and do a follow-up post :)