Friday, June 22, 2007

Upcoming 5K race

I know from reading online that many runners will "train through" a race on their way to a marathon, and there's a local 5K coming up in just over a month. But I've heard others say to never train through a race, because training and racing are two distinct activities. What does everyone here think? Should I train through the 5K, or keep my eye on the bigger race in October?


  1. My opinion is that we should keep our eyes on our primary goals and call everything else (including other races) preparation. This means we are free to run whatever we like as long as it fits into our program, and doesn't do anything that compromises our primary goal.


  2. I may run in it, simply to get some experience at running in a race. I do my more difficult running (either longer, faster pace, or on hills) on Saturdays, so I'll see how I feel about my current pace at that distance and decide from there.